RSA has extensive experience in rural land operations and agricultural infrastructure solutions, with a 25 year history in intensive animal and irrigation development.

Our agricultural knowledge and understanding of the local environment and communities, means RSA is a trusted partner having been involved in the initial planning, design, construction and on-going planning and maintenance of intensive livestock facilities, in particular beef cattle feedlots.

Our agricultural services are broken down into site selection, planning and approvals, design and construction. Through our integrated service offering, we undertake both small and large developments, providing tailored solutions that deliver value and flexibility.

Oil & Gas

RSA has extensive local knowledge and experience in major coal seam gas developments, completing a broad range of projects for many energy and resource sector clients.

Our considerable expertise in gas infrastructure development enables us to offer the agility to deliver services at many stages within the CSG lifecycle – from initial bulk earthworks through to production and transportation. We have undertaken many gas field related projects including access roads, drill pads, well infrastructure, pipelines and pump stations, water treatment plants, concrete work, environmental dams and pilot ponds to support CSG operations.

Our construction materials division supplies pre-mix concrete and quarry materials to support construction. We also undertake ongoing operation and maintenance works and rehabilitation services.

Our crews have worked on gas-fired power stations, gas field developments, and gas field infrastructure while our farming division offers farm operation and management services for CSG providers.


With a strong track record in regional and remote development work, RSA have the capacity and experience to deliver a comprehensive range of mining and mine infrastructure service solutions, specialising in both new and brown field mining infrastructure development works.

Additionally our transport and machinery fleet enable us to provide reliable, cost-effective vertically integrated solutions to meet customer expectations. In partnership with industry leading mining organisations, we offer complete supply chain management.

We do not compromise on safety or compliance and operate to the highest standards, as demonstrated by our industry-leading record of lost time injury-free hours.


Our truck and trailer fleet provides transport solutions to meet industry material handling requirements. With a tailored approach, we ensure the reliable delivery of road construction materials and offer extensive load and haul services in the resources sector including train loading.

Through the use of the latest technology in satellite tracking systems, we are able to monitor location, speed, driving hours and other vital information to ensure transport safety at all times.